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Nassau County has a long history or recognizing the best players and coaches for each year. Below you can see the latest recipients and links to lists of the annual awards. You can also see reports by team.

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John Driscoll Award
Midfielder of the Year

John DriscollThe John Driscoll Award is given annually to the most outstanding midfielder in Nassau County as voted by the NCLCA.

The award was originally named after Jim Brown, the NFL Hall of Fame running back for the Cleveland Browns, who is also considered by many to be one of the finest lacrosse players in the history of the sport. Brown, who played lacrosse for Manhasset High School and Syracuse University, was elected to the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1983.

The award was renamed in 2004 in memory of the late John Driscoll, who, like Brown, was an outstanding midfielder from Manhasset High School.

Driscoll won two Nassau County championships in 1975 and 1976, earning the Most Valuable Player Award in the championship game both years. He was the only player in the pre-classification era (1961-1985) to win MVP honors twice. Driscoll was an All-American at Manhasset in 1976, and was a two-time All-American at the University of Virginia in 1979 and 1980. He was a club all-star for many years, played professionally for the New York Saints, and was a member of US World Teams.

He was inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1998

2023 Stevie FinnellGarden CityMidfield
2023 Jack PetersonManhassetMidfield
2022 Luca AccardoSyossetMidfield
2022 Joey TerenziManhassetMidfield
2021 Joey TerenziManhassetMidfield
2019 Garrett GibbonsMassapequaMidfield
2018 Alex VadaroHewlettMidfield
2017 Steven SchneiderManhassetMidfield
2017 Taylor StroughCold Spring HarborMidfield
2016 Lucas CotlerSyossetMidfield
2016 Riley CoxCold Spring HarborMidfield
2015 Joey FroccaroPort WashingtonMidfield
2014 Craig BergeMassapequaMidfield
2013 Craig BergeMassapequaMidfield
2013 Dan GrabherNorth ShoreMidfield
2012 Patrick BerkeryGarden CityMidfield
2012 Jake FroccaroPort WashingtonMidfield
2011 Chris MoriartyCold Spring HarborMidfield
2010 Drew BelinskyManhassetMidfield
2009 Jeff FroccaroPort WashingtonMidfield
2008 Alex DelBasoCold Spring HarborMidfield
2007 Steven DeNapoliHewlettMidfield
2006 Bobby HayesSouth SideMidfield
2005 Bob McAuleyHicksvilleMidfield
2004 Nick TintleMacArthurMidfield
2003 John AdamoGarden CityMidfield
2002 Greg PeyserCold Spring HarborMidfield
2002 Matt ZashMassapequaMidfield
2001 Greg PeyserCold Spring HarborMidfield
2000 Matt AstaritaBethpageMidfield
1999 Michael SmithBaldwinMidfield
1998 Bryan WalkerHicksvilleMidfield
1997 Joe BarilePlainview JFKMidfield
1996 A.J. HaugenBethpageMidfield
1995 Brett KohartGarden CityMidfield
1994 Andrew GodfreyManhassetMidfield
1993 Andrew GodfreyManhassetMidfield
1992 Brian BacsoFarmingdaleMidfield
1991 Peter JacobsManhassetMidfield
1990 Brian TomeoPort WashingtonMidfield
1989 Tom MarroPort WashingtonMidfield
1988 Fred AmayaHicksvilleMidfield
1987 Jay McMahonGarden CityMidfield
1986 Andy KrausGarden CityMidfield
1985 Andy KrausGarden CityMidfield
1984 Joe RzempoluchFarmingdaleMidfield
1983 Todd LawsonBethpageMidfield
1982 Guy RiccardiCold Spring HarborMidfield
1981 John ScorciaSewanhakaMidfield



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